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by Gene Griessman



Sparks fly when Abraham Lincoln visits the Obama White House. There’s sharp, lively debate, hilarious repartee, a-ha moments, and surprising revelations.

Grounded in careful historical research, yet fresh as today’s headlines, “Lincoln‘s Last Debate” is plausible and provocative. You’ll enjoy the clash of ideas.

Inspired by the off- Broadway hit “Freud’s Last Session,” and written by  noted Lincoln author Gene Griessman, the staged reading will take place at historic Grant Cottage just north of Saratoga Springs  on September 28 at 7pm.  $10.   Seating is limited.



 “Lincoln’s Last Debate”

A few weeks ago I shook hands with our 26th President, trustbuster, Teddy Roosevelt in North Creek, NY. Last night it was a much earlier favorite – the 16th President, Emancipator Abraham Lincoln.

Along with two first-time actors the trio came to Grant’s Cottage Visitor Center for a world premiere performance of a staged reading written by award-winning author Gene Greissman.

“Lincoln’s Last Debate” is a play grounded in careful historical research by an actor and playwright who has won the Ben Franklin Award, which recognizes excellence in independent publishing.

What a treat it was to videotape a very plausible, conceivable conversation between Lincoln and Obama -the struggles, pains and rewards of being President.

Set in a the oval office shortly before the end of President Obama’s first term, the audience listens in on arguments that likely plagued President Obama in his decision to run for a second term. When the lights dim you know it’s time for the ghost of President Lincoln to appear and advise the worried Obama.

The old adage; history repeats itself, unfolds for the next 2 hours as the fatherly figure parallels his career with our current President. Even separated by 150 years, the two discuss early defeats, time in the Illinois legislature, time in Congress and public opinions. Further uncanny similarities continue with their talents, abilities, temperaments, policies, perceptions and setbacks.

Some of the repetition is random and coincidental and has no significance but other connections are meaningful and relevant to today. Overall it solidifies a lasting friendship between the two and leaves a lasting impression on the cause-and-effect universe we live in.





I want to tell you how gratified I am at your generous donation of time and effort this past weekend during your glorious rendition of “Lincoln‘s Last Debate” at Grant Cottage.  You have elevated our profile in the community and provided our membership with high caliber entertainment.




Tim Welch


Welch Public Communications, Ltd. and Lazer Pix



Lincoln’s Last Debate’ at Grant Cottage this weekend

Published: Thursday, September 26, 2013

By Paul Post

Award-winning author Gene Griessman will lead a staged reading, “Lincoln’s Last Debate,” at 7 p.m. Saturday and Sunday at the GrantCottageVisitorsCenter.

The lively presentation will tell people what might happen if President Abraham Lincoln could visit the Obama White House.

The play is grounded in careful historical research, yet inspired by today’s headlines.

The performance will include a twilight tour to the mountain’s overlook known as “Grant’s Last View,” which President Ulysses S. Grant visited shortly before his death at Grant Cottage on MountMcGregor in July 1885.

Griessman is widely known as an author and for his training films and presentations. As an actor and playwright, he has performed at Ford’s Theater, before 25,000 people at the Georgia Dome in Atlanta, at the Lincoln Memorial and aboard the aircraft carrier USS Abraham Lincoln.

He has conducted interviews on television and for print with U.S. presidents, entertainers, sports stars and business leaders. He is also the creator of and has won the Ben Franklin Award, which recognizes excellence in independent publishing.

His book, “Time Tactics of Very Successful People” published by McGraw-Hill is in its 38th printing and “The Words Lincoln Lived By” published by Simon & Schuster, is in its 18th printing.

He has also authored “Lincoln Speaks to Leaders,” “Lessons From Legends,” “Lincoln’s Wisdom” and the training film, “Lincoln on Communication.”

Griessman has taught at William & Mary College, North Carolina State University, AuburnUniversity, TuskegeeUniversity and Georgia Tech.

He was a Fulbright professor at the University of Islamabad, the national graduate university of Pakistan, and was a visiting researcher at the National Agrarian University of Peru and the University of New South Wales in Australia.



“I believe it is quite possible that time progresses at different rates between these universes.  After all, it does so even in the universe we know, according to special relativity.  In fact, SR says that there is no absolute time, only one person’s time relative to another.  Thus Lincoln could spend an hour with Obama, but only be away (mentally) from his universe for a minute.

Could there really be communication between parallel universes?  General relativity raises the possibility of communication, even transport, faster than the speed of light through wormholes, within the universe we know, which I think we discussed.  Our theory of possible parallel universes is nowhere near as well developed as GR, so it would be very difficult to rule out the possibility of such communication.

— C. Murray Penney, Ph.D. Retired physicist, GE GLOBAL RESEARCH