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More Testimonials

More Testimonials For Dr. Griessman!

“What an amazing treat it was for all of us to have you at Oglethorpe! Thank you so very much. It was a spectacular conclusion to our semester.” –Lawrence Schall, JD, Ed.D, President, Oglethorpe University

“A masterful performance.” –Frank E. Evans, CEO, Triton Management Group

“The first time I heard you speak, I was held spell-bound and the rest of that day, I walked a few feet taller because of your words. So when we needed a keynote speaker for our “Nonprofit Summit at Chautauqua,” yours was the first name out of my mouth. Even though my colleagues trusted my judgment, I held my breath…because they are very selective and would settle for only the best. And YOU did not disappoint us. They didn’t hesitate for one minute to tell me that they were just as delighted about you as I was. You were the hit of the conference. And people are still talking. They will not forget Gene Griessman. Thank you for being part of us for the weekend and for being the kind of professional that all of America can be proud of.” –Fern Koch, Senior Vice President, Non-Profit Management Center, Buffalo, NY

“Your accent, look, and demeanor were so lifelike and similar to Abraham Lincoln, I felt like Abe Lincoln was in the room.” –Becky Catino, President. Security National Automotive Acceptance Corp.

“As a history-degree holder as well as a business person, this was a huge treat. The best way to describe it is with a 7-letter word: A-W-E-S-O-M-E!” –Stephanie Rhodes, HR Manager, Dunn Building Company

“A must see. Fantastic presentation; good stories and humor to keep attention.” —Casimir Barczyk, Purdue University

“Excellent. Something for each attendee—whether director or spouse, etc. Thoughts that will enrich and edify each of us.” –Earlie Brady, Director, RTMC

“I don’t know if I have ever heard anything as inspiring.” –Bill Crook, teacher and coach, Chatham Central High School (N.C.)

“I am still amazed at how silent that room filled with 485 people remained through your presentation. You could hear a pin drop!—M. Barnett, University of Richmond

“Having seen you a number of times and having watched my tapes of yousomething occurred to me yesterday as we were driving home from your performance at the Carter Presidential Library. You—as I have said before—wrap yourself in the essence of Lincoln. More than that—and this is what came to me—you have evolved into a national treasure.” –Dick Freeman, President (retired), Webstorm Design

“Dr. Griessman’s portrayal of Lincoln was funny, charming, humbling, insightful, touching relevant, and powerful. It was especially relevant to our current times and increasing diversity.” –Richard Grayton, DPM

“The ‘in character’ portion of the talk was riveting. Gene Griessman is Abraham Lincoln. It was a very moving experience.” –Peter Buchanan, chairman, TEC Canada, Toronto

“The inspirational comments were wonderful. The special effects were phenomenal. I cried as you told about Lincoln’s death.” –Patricia Schickler, teacher

”The conference was a hit. I believe you touched people in many different ways both as Lincoln and as Dr. Griessman. I have no doubt everyone left the conference yesterday with something they will do to become a better leader. Thanks for making us better people and leaders. I continue to receive nothing but positive comments about the program that you provided.” –Patrick Craig, Chief U.S. Probation Officer–U.S. Probation Office-Kentucky Western

“The ‘Language of Leadership”’ (the seminar following the Lincoln presentation) conveys an enormous amount of social psychology in an easy-to-absorb and practical manner.” –John Hughes, Assistant Director, U.S. Courts

“Thank you for the delivery of a great program to the men of Buckhead 50. Your style and your subject matter will be a super memory to the members of our group. Everyone was held to their seats.” –Michael E. Moore, Rainmaker and Chief Storyteller, Buckhead LLC

“Great, great, material. You have done the world a remarkable job by taking on the task of educating us all on Lincoln and much more.” –Dale Boozer, President, Eastland Company, Inc.

“In my 25 years of booking guest speakers, I have never been held captive by every word and point being made by anyone to the degree I was during your presentation. To say that the audience was spellbound would certainly be an underestimation; people were emotionally involved in what you were saying….Our group, especially at 8:00 a.m. is normally tough to please–but their standing ovation at the conclusion of your presentation surely speaks for itself!”–Paula D. Graber, Vice President, Communication, Forest Lawn Memorial Parks & Mortuaries

“It would be an understatement to say that you were the hit of the conference… My personal thanks for making the programming committee and myself look like geniuses.” –Marty Ford, President, New England Association for Cooperative Education and Field Experience

“On behalf of Retail Merchants of Hawaii, I want to thank you formally for your dedicated effort to make our legislative dinner party a resounding success. People were still high from the evening the next day. And then you “wowed” them again. The workshop got rave reviews and again gave us a tremendous boost in our credibility.”–Jan Berman, Executive Director, Retail Merchants of Hawaii

“As always, your stimulating and thought provoking presentations during our annual conference in Phoenix were outstanding, spectacular, terrific, and absolutely fabulous. Your were right on target. I hope you will remain a part of Trailways’ future–I need you.”–Gale Clarke Ellsworth, President, Trailways

“It was indeed a pleasure having you aboard the “Monarch of the Seas.” We have had nothing but praise for your contribution to our annual convention. You motivated and inspired a group of sales professionals who are always thirsty for new knowledge. The added value to London Pacific was your willingness to socialize and spend personal time with our participants. This was the first time that we had invited an outside speaker to a company convention. This was a leap of faith on my part, but it was the right time and you were the right person to inaugurate this new tradition for our company.”–Charlotte M. Stott, Vice- President/Marketing London Pacific Life & Annuity

“Our speaker last year was a “bunt,” but based on the response and involvement from our people, you were a definite “home run.” Your Lincoln portrayal really captured the attention of the group and was very moving as well as humorous. I have heard nothing but great praise for the presentation.”--Lynn Graham, President/CEO IKON Document Services

“Your Abraham Lincoln performance was simply fantastic. All the students expressed their gratitude toward NationsBank for sponsoring the event. I believe the professors were equally impressed. The standing ovation at the conclusion tipped me off.” –Michael A. Harris, NationsBank

“The rave reviews are still coming in from our managers about your Lincoln presentation. As you know, all our senior managers in the region attended the conference. Also we had our national management team from Washington, D.C. The only thing they have in common is they are not easily impressed….Your “Lincoln” evoked universal praise with many commenting that they would love to have you again next year. I was particularly impressed with my meeting with you before the conference. You asked what themes or impressions I would like conveyed to my management team. You drew upon your expansive knowledge of Lincoln to artfully convey these themes and impressions….You have melded your knowledge of management principles with a superb acting ability and in so doing you captivate the hearts and imaginations of all who are privileged to see you. You were Lincoln, and we listened to you with no less awe and reverence. Bravo!” –Henry G. Watkins, Chief Judge, Southern Region, Office of Hearings and Appeals, Social Security Administration

“The comments and letters we received have been unbelievably complimentary on your participation at our recent wallcovering conference in Baltimore, Maryland.” –-W. Michael Glynn, Chairman, Wallcovering Association

“You really hit the mark with your presentation.” –Clifford E. Browne, Manager, Operations & Training, Marathon Oil Company

“Many said it was the best opening convocation which they had ever attended here in Newton County, and you can rest assured that I will give you accolades galore when I meet with my colleagues in other school systems.” –E. Wendell Clamp, Superintendent, Newton County (GA) School System

“I heard nothing but rave comments…. Your presentation was rated the highest of all events.” –John Hannabach, Co-chair Program, Southern College Placement Association Annual Conference

“Thank you for visiting with our participants at the ‘social ice melter’ and introducing them to one another. You assisted the Service in bringing together a group of people and focusing them on a mission.” —Nita Fuller, Deputy Chief, Division of Refuges, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service

“Few speakers command an audience’s attention the way you did… I will forward a copy of this letter to the AAF in Washington, D.C. requesting them to add you to their Top 10 List of Speakers.” –Steven W. Curran, Vice President, The Lansing (Michigan) Advertising Club

“I want to personally thank you for making our Bobbin Show “Customer Appreciation Luncheon” such a great success. I can’t tell you how many positive comments I received from our customers and business associates.”—Thomas J. Smith, Chief Executive, Coats North America

“You were magnificent as Abraham Lincoln Sunday night. I hope we’ll get a chance to have you perform again for our folks.” –James H. Blanchard, Chairman of the Board, CEO, Synovus

“I want to thank you so very much for everything that you did at our National Sales Meeting in Santa Fe. You not only set the tone for the meeting; you encouraged, educated, challenged and motivated our group. You brought them to a higher level.” –Susan Cross, Marketing Services Manager, Aircast

“Your presentation on Saturday, “A Morning with Lincoln,” will have our members talking about this convention for months. It was spectacular and inspiring, one that I will not forget!” —Michael T. Dunham, Executive Vice President, Associated General Contractors of America, Inc.

“I liked the blend—provided a perfect E + I=C. (E + I=C is a formula for effective communication; E=emotion, I=information, and C=communication.) Great session. Thought-provoking and entertaining.” –Kathryn Jarvis, deputy chief, U.S. Courts