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Room Setup


The time spent on details—lighting, seating arrangements, and music—will be repaid with a performance that will be remembered long after your meeting.

SEATING. Classroom or theater seating is preferable. The front row of seats or tables should be 6-10 feet from the performance area. If the performance is for a breakfast, lunch, or dinner, arrange the settings at each table in a crescent shape, with one or two spaces left empty at each table. If you do this, attendees will not need to turn their chairs around in order to see the performance.

It is deadly to a performance if a lot of seats at the front are empty. Please do your best to fill up the front first. Some meeting planners tape off the back rows/tables and place RESERVED signs on them

ELEVATION OF STAGE AREA For audiences of 50-100, a riser 6-12 inches high is recommended. Audiences larger than 200 people will require a higher riser or stage.

AUDIO EQUIPMENT (Essential for audiences over 80-100): A wireless lapel microphone.

(Optional but desirable) A compact disk (CD) player. We provide a CD with “Hail to the Chief,” and background music for segments of the performance. The CD player must have the capability of showing the number of the track that is being played or cued. Much experience has taught us that problems are avoided and an excellent performance is ensured if the audio person speaks directly with us prior to our arrival. (Our phone number is 404-435-2225) An audio person will be needed for practice beforehand and during the entire performance. The audio person’s work area can be at the back of the room, in a sound booth, or beside the stage. (If it is located beside the stage, we suggest placing it behind a screen.)

 PROPS. Formal (antique-looking if possible) straight-backed chair

 LIGHTING. Good lighting is essential. If possible, wash the stage with light, preferably using track lights, gooseneck bulb extenders, or light trees. Avoid strong background light such as a window, which can create a silhouette effect. Avoid lighting from directly overhead. Lincoln’s face should be well lit. He wears his hat during the performance, and light from directly overhead creates a shadow on his face.

 DRESSING ROOM. A dressing room with mirror near the stage is desirable. If this cannot be arranged, a room, office, or dressing area with a good mirror, located as close to the auditorium/banquet area as possible is recommended. A public restroom is not acceptable. If the event is in a hotel, a hotel room as near the meeting room as possible can be used for this purpose.

 SEMINAR. Please provide a bar stool and small table if a seminar is planned in connection with the Lincoln presentation.

 SALE ARRANGEMENTS (optional) Many clients provide attendees with the opportunity to purchase books/CDs and DVDs for continued learning and to provide good memories of the meeting. We recommend that a table be located inside the room near the main entrance. We provide complimentary CDs or DVDs to volunteers who assist at the table.

 FEEDBACK FORMS In an effort to constantly improve the Lincoln performance, we ask attendees to fill out a feedback form. Our form requires only 90 seconds to complete and is not intended to replace your own evaluation form. We will send complimentary articles to all attendees who fill out a form. We make these feedback forms available to you if you would like to read or copy them. (Some meeting planners use these forms for a drawing that is held later in the meeting. If you wish to do this, let us know, and we will provide you with gift items for the drawing.)

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