The Words Lincoln Lived By Gene Griessman

The Words Lincoln Lived By: 52 Timeless Principles To Light Your Path

(Fireside/Simon & Schuster)

Now in its 3rd printing. Here’s what the reviewer for the prestigious Lincoln Herald wrote:

“…Prof. Griessman has done a superb job. His book is outstanding. Not only does Griessman give us Lincoln quotes, but he also weaves each one into a little jewel of an essay on that particular subject. If a reader peruses a chapter a week, he or she will have a year’s worth of inspiration”

Terry Paulson, past president of the National Speakers Association, wrote, “A treasure! Fifty-two windows of timeless truths that guided America’s most respected President.”

Robert Brehl, a columnist for The Catholic Register wrote in January 2013, “Griessman’s book is a stirring collection of Lincoln quotes (with Griessman adding context along the way) that can be read all at once, in piecemeal or even back to front. It is laced with spiritual guidance that makes one ponder and reflect on life; from courage and honesty, to time management and focus, to forgiveness and compassion…. If [Lincoln] had lived longer to write a book for his sons to know him better, he might have written this book.”

Price: $12.00

Time Tactics Of Very Successful People

“You’ll get a lot more done in your life when you follow this wise man’s great advice.”
-OG MANDINO, Author, The Greatest Salesman In The World

“A superb book on self-management-a great resource for balancing business and personal life.”
-J.W. Marriott, Jr.Chairman of the Board and President, Marriott International

One of the most widely-used books on time management and personal productivity in the world–over 150,000 copies sold. It’s filled with practical tips about how to achieve success in your career and your personal live.

It’s been featured in Reader’s Digest and been quoted in countless publications. Executive Book Summaries gave it a “highly recommended” rating. Here’s what the reviewer wrote:

“The author has packed this book with ideas–his own and those of others–on how to avoid wasting time.”

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Price: $16.95

Time Tactics of Very Successful People by Gene Griessman
The Words Lincoln Lived By Gene Griessman

Lincoln and Obama: A story of unlikely Presidents…

Love President Obama or hate him, you will be surprised to learn how many parallels there are between the 16th President and the 44th President. Even their times are alike in so many ways.

Some similarities are obvious and predictable, but others are fascinating, uncanny, mysterious. And, what is most important, the similarities matter.

Written by Gene Griessman, author of The Words Lincoln Lived By and Lincoln On Communication, this is the fascinating account of two obscure Illinois lawyer-politicians — separated by 150 years — who against all odds come to the White House.


Lincoln’s Wisdom: Lessons For Today’s Leaders

A learning system you will use again and again and give as a gift to friends, colleagues, and your school’s library.
This learning system can help you

* Learn how to develop skills possessed by all great leaders
* Know what to do when you don’t have a roadmap
* Discover ways to get through depression to find inner peace

Over 2 1/2 hours of information you can start using immediately.

Now you can hear what audiences have experienced at Ford’s Theatre, the Georgia Dome, the Lincoln Memorial and the USS ABRAHAM LINCOLN–unforgettable lessons from America’s wisest President…plus new bonus material. You’ll hear the Gettysburg Address, Lincoln’s final words, and many more parts of the beloved one-man play, plus segments that are not often performed for public audiences.

Price: $39.95

Lincoln's Wisdom Gene Griessman
Lincoln on Communication DVD

Lincoln On Communication DVD

“One of the very best videos/DVDs ever made. It’s a classic like Gone With the Wind. I show it in many of my seminars. Everyone loves it.””

-Brad McRae, “The Seven Strategies of Master Presenters”

This educational resource is ideal for the classroom—for students from middle school and high school to college, government, and business.   It’s been acclaimed by communication experts and educators alike. It’s perfect for self-study—for people who want to improve just like Lincoln did.

The running time is 60 minutes, which makes it perfect for the classroom.  It comes with a helpful teacher/trainer guide written by Dr. Griessman, which includes discussion points and….MORE


(Includes DVD and Teacher’s/Trainer’s Guide)

An Evening With Abraham Lincoln

This is a six-camera shoot, masterfully produced in full color. Relive the excitement of this performance before a live audience of 25,000 in the Georgia Dome. This amazing performance is poignant and inspiring. It has quickly become one of our best-sellers. Handsome gift package. Purchase it for yourself, for training, for gifts for your youngsters or for their school library.

“Griessman has done for Lincoln what Holbrook has done for Mark Twain…Wonderful.”

-Mel Kranzberg, Ph.D.


-Nido R. Qubein, Past President, National Speakers Association

Now you can see the one-man play that has been performed all over North America performed by Gene Griessman. Product ID: 1

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An Evening with Abraham Lincoln

Lincoln Speaks to Leaders: 20 Powerful Lessons for Today’s Leaders from America’s

Lincoln Speaks to Leaders: 20 Powerful Lessons for Today's Leaders from America's“What if Abraham Lincoln’s personal thoughts, together with a legendary sports executive’s practical application lessons, could be at your fingertips and ready on a moment’s notice?
In honor of Abraham Lincoln’s 200th birthday (February 12, 2009), Gene Griessman and Pat Williams have teamed up to create a truly unique book, offering wisdom from America’s greatest president pressed into the framework of contemporary leadership lessons that cut right to the heart of issues faced by today’s leaders—questions of integrity, identity, self-improvement, communication, success, and how to build a lasting legacy.

“Modern Americans could have not better role model, and Lincoln could have no more enthusiastic and persuasive interpreters than Gene Griessman and Pat Williams.” -Harold Holzer, Co-chairman, U.S. Abraham Lincoln Bicentennial Commission
“Lincoln speaks to Leaders is inspiring, engrossing, and a sure-fire best-seller.”
-Stephen B. Oates, Author of With Malice Toward None
“What a novel concept! A top Lincoln interpreter teaches us valuable leadership principles, and a top sports executive offers his advice on applying them in our daily activities. This book will have a major impact for a long time.”
-David Pietrusza, Author of 1960–LBJ vs. JFK vs. Nixon Product ID: 7 Price $19.95

99 Ways To Get More Out Of Every Day

99 WAYS TO GET MORE OUT OF EVERY DAY“A new approach to time management that provides you with real solutions. This is a step-by-step program that will put you in control of your life. It’s ideal for individual self-study or for organizational development.

THE JOURNAL/WORKBOOK This wonderful resource can be ordered as a handsome, beautifully illustrated journal or as a download. You can print multiple copies in B&W or color.
PRINT VERSION We ship to you. Price $59.00


Lessons From Legends Audio Book

Lessons From Legends Audio Book“Winner “Best Educational Album” 2006 JPF Music Award
We’ve sold thousands of this CD. You’ll hear insider information from exclusive interviews with some of the most successful people of our time. Many customers play it again and again. Delivered before 2000 people in Sacramento, California, Gene Griessman tells about his exclusive interviews with some of the legends of our time.

This is Gene Griessman’s personal account of the basic principles of high achievement. It’s based on Griessman’s classic, THE ACHIEVEMENT FACTORS–the book Earl Nightingale called “the best of the genre.” The audio-cassette is rich with humor, anecdotes, and practical tips for your career. You’ll love it.. Product ID: 6 Price: $ 12.95 USD (Each)


Get The Combo Package – Imaging Having These Wonderful Titles On Your Bookshelf!


#1 – An Evening With Abraham Lincoln Splendid 4-camera shoot at the Georgia Dome

#2 – The Words Lincoln Lived By An acclaimed treasure of Lincoln quotations

#3 – Time Tactics Of Very Successful People Regarded world-wide as on the greatest time management books ever

#4 – MEM-CARDS 10 Techniques to improve your communication skills

#5 – 99 Ways To GEt More Out Of Every Day CD You will start making better used of your time immediately

#6 – Lessons From Legends Listen to insider secrets from exclusive interviews CD 1Hour

#7 – Lincoln Speaks To Leaders Lincoln’s thoughts brought to life and applied to daily activities

#8 – Lincoln’s Wisdom The Gettysburg Address, plus many more excerpts from the acclaimed one-man play, CD, 2 Discs, 2.5 Hours

#9 – Lincoln And Obama   Award-Winning book comparing the 16th and 44th Presidents

#10 – Lincoln On Communication  Acclaimed training film/video for self-study. Ideal for seminar or classroom use – comes with a teacher/trainer guide DVD and CD, 1 Hour


Gold Package – You get items #1, #2. #3,  #4, #5. #6, #7 #8  #9   $365  $255

Platinum Package – You get items #1, #2. #3,  #4, #5. #6, #7 #8#9#10    $635  $395

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