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“Gene Griessman visited our organization this week. He received the highest ratings our members have ever given a speaker. He is spectacular. His opening one-man play is better than any evening at the theatre, and the following two-hour discussion on leadership is filled with wisdom, energy and inspiration.” 

-Bill Peterson, Chairman, The Executive Committee, Saskatoon, Canada

“Great job! We couldn’t have asked for more, and received nothing but great compliments on both sessions.  And since I am the one who suggested we bring you in, guess who is getting a ton of compliments?! I hope you enjoyed your stay in Taos. We will be in touch with you in the future I am sure.”

– Colette Schobbens, CMP,  CMM,  Meetings Coordinator, New MexicoMunicipal League

“I laughed. I cried. I listened. I learned. I hope to use it for positive change.” 

-Barbara Biller, President, Intellitech

“You are the best, the absolute best! We received 276 RSVPs and 320 people showed up at the Hunt Valley Golf Club for the banquet. That says a lot about the drawing power of Lincoln. People still quote you to this day. We got so many written notes of praise. The presentation was not only entertaining but intellectually stimulating—a piece of history that will live forever in our minds. And then the presentation that you did for the students at St. James academy was a huge hit. There were tears in my eyes when you told them about Lincoln’s last day. We have a photograph of the event in our lobby; there’s not a day that passes but that a client will recall something that happened that wonderful evening. It made our 25th anniversary banquet a memorable experience.” 

-Bill Kissinger, CEO, Kissinger Financial Services, Hunt Valley, MD.

“If I might add my thanks and appreciation to the standing ovation which you received for your presentation at the Sixth Circuit Judicial Conference, then please let me do so. Your effort was sincerely appreciated. I regret that I was not able to catch you as you exited the room as I wanted to introduce you to U.S. Supreme Court Justice, the Honorable John Paul Stevens. I know President Lincoln would have enjoyed meeting Justice Stevens.” 

-G. Wilson Horde, Kramer Rayson LLP, Nashville, Tennessee

“I am not certain how long your presentation lasted because I was so mesmerized by it that time was irrelevant. In fact, I was disappointed to see it end.”

-Michael P. Harvey, Esq.

“Thank you again for speaking at the Sixth Circuit conference. As you know, your performance was a big hit. It will be hard to top in coming years.”

-J. Garvey ‘Jack’ Rose, Assistant Circuit Executive

“The most fantastic program I have ever experienced on leadership. I was completely engaged every minute of the program.” 

-Susan Bixler, CEO, The Professional Image

“The entire presentation was excellent. Dr. Griessman’s portrayal of Lincoln was funny, charming, humbling, insightful, touching, relevant, and powerful. It was especially relevant to our current times.”

-Richard J. Grayson, DPM, Avon, Connecticut

“Thanks for a fantastic job! Even our AV people said you are the best they have ever heard!”

-Karen Hines, executive director, Association of College and University Auditors (ACUA)

“I have never experienced such an inspiring event as you as Abe Lincoln. You stirred my soul and excited my spirit—What a blessing!” 

-Steve Davis, Board of Directors, Blue Ridge Conference on Leadership

“Gene Griessman has a powerful message and I felt both energized and motivated.” These were just a few of the comments I have received. You truly were the highlight of our 25th annual convention, and you made it both memorable and fun!”

-Edna Sendish Peters, Executive Director, International Beverage Dispensing Equipment Association

“The two-and-a-half day Conference provided valuable and relevant information to the over-capacity audience in the Leadership, Wellness, Early Learning & Community Development, and Best Practices Tracks. Your willingness to keynote and share your expertise and experiences in the workshops is much appreciated. It’s probably no surprise to you that you received the highest score from the evaluations–our congrats for an excellent job!”

– Sarah Scanlan, Deputy Director Rural Alaska Community Action Program, Inc.

“Thank you for bringing a valuable message of leadership and perspective to the crew of ABRAHAM LINCOLN and delivering it in an exceptionally resonant and relevant fashion. I believe that you were able to reach and inspire a great number of the fine young people here on board that I have had the honor of serving with. I personally derived great benefit and enjoyment from your messages and teaching.” 

-Captain C. Andrew McCawley, Commanding Officer USS Abraham Lincoln

“I want to thank you again for the wonderful performance you put on for my group. When people were telling me what a great event we had and how much they appreciated being invited, I realized the value of good referrals. Having got your name with such enthusiasm from Richard Weylman, I never doubted the success of the evening. Richard was right on the mark. We are very grateful to have had you spend an evening with us. Your message is timeless. The passion and humor, simply wonderful. And coming from Abe Lincoln, it was a moment in time none of us will ever forget. I was especially moved by the “life lessons”. I look forward to our continued friendship. You are a special and gifted individual.” 

-Francis G. Bitterly, CFP, First Vice President – Investments Wealth Management Advisor, Merrill Lynch

“The opening with guest—“Abe Lincoln” was phenomenal! What a meaningful and exceptional performance.” –participant comment “His support for the efforts of the committee and engaging participants made this one of the best conferences we’ve ever had.”

Steering Committee comment–Alaska Association of Secondary School Principals.

“The most concentrated set of useful improvement suggestions I have ever heard.”

—Alan Link, U.S. Courts (evaluation of seminar)

“Each and every vocabulary bullet for leadership will help me overcome my fright over presentation skills and ‘stepping out’ and feeling good about it. Now I know the secrets.”

-Sharon Spaulding, U.S. Courts (evaluation of the seminar)

“I enjoyed using the analogies of Lincoln in a play setting which relates to today’s life and business experiences.”

-Kiah Harvin, Jr. President/CEO, Harvin Golf Management Group

“You were outstanding and delivered on everything that you promised +++. Thank you!! I am receiving many notes this morning from people who were there, and they are exceedingly complimentary to the whole evening and your performance. It just worked out in splendid fashion.”

-Ken Thrasher. (Ken Thrasher is co-founder of Bennett-Thrasher, a highly regarded accounting firm based in Atlanta. Dr. Griessman performed “The Wit and Wisdom of Abraham Lincoln” for the company’s 30th anniversary celebration and client appreciation event.)

“I don’t know when I’ve ever enjoyed 3 days with a speaker so much in all my 10 years of being a VISTAGE chair. You were wonderful to work with, and the members clearly got great, valuable takeaways from your presentation.”

-Jean Lauderbach (Jean Lauterbach is chair of VISTAGE groups in the Cincinnati area.)

Robert Brehl, a columnist for The Catholic Register wrote in January 2013: I received two fascinating books: The Jefferson Bible by Thomas Jefferson and The Words Lincoln Lived By from Lincoln historian Gene Griessman. Griessman’s book is a stirring collection of Lincoln quotes (with Griessman adding context along the way) that can be read all at once, in piecemeal or even back to front. It is laced with spiritual guidance that makes one ponder and reflect on life; from courage and honesty, to time management and focus, to forgiveness and compassion….” Used by permission of Robert Brehl and The Catholic Register

“In late January we were faced with a sudden and critical need for a keynote to kick off a three-day conference. I called Gene. Even though he was in Colorado on Saturday for a performance, he flew to Charleston on Sunday afternoon and opened our event Monday morning in a spectacular manner. He was superb as Abe Lincoln, speaking on his 198th birthday (Feb 12) in the very place the Civil War began in 1861. The audience thought it a great start to our conference. (This was the third time Gene has spoken for one of my organizations.) I’ve never had a speaker work three times for me. I hope with Gene there’ll be a fourth.”

-Hugh J. Rushing, Executive Officer, SCAMA–Southern Classified Advertising Managers Association (Excerpt from a letter written to Jeannie Esposito, President, Allstar Alliance; quoted with permission)

“The leadership info is valuable. But I enjoyed the ‘drama’ of the presentation the most. The Gettysburg Address took my heart. The stories were so ‘honest Abe.’” 

-Felicia R. Cook, Event Coordinator, The Examiner“Nice twist on motivational speaking.” Michelle M. Wright, Financial Planning Analyst, OPPD

“The mix of historical content and parallels of more recent events make the presentation interesting and enjoyable…Excellent pace, tone, and delivery.” 

-Frank Scotti

“I was at the Utilities Service Alliance (USA) conference which you spoke at in 2006. I still remember it as if it was yesterday. You bring such insight and maybe the word is common sense to everyday life. I think this is missing from our hectic life-style. You surely have a great talent. Please keep me in your future emails.”

-Butch Colby, Senior Marketing Manager L-3 Communications MAPPS Inc.

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