Lincoln Live: The Wit And Wisdom Of Abraham Lincoln

As performed on the stage of Ford’s Theatre and aboard the USS Abraham Lincoln, this riveting one-man portrayal will move your audience to tears and laughter. As original background music plays, laugh at Lincoln’s jokes, thrill to his great speeches, and learn powerful lessons about success from the 16th President.

Don’t miss this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to experience “Lincoln Live,” the one-man play that has received standing ovations at Ford’s Theatre, the Georgia Dome, and the Ice Palace before thousands. Gene Griessman, Ph.D., author of The Words Lincoln Lived By,will perform the play that will live in your mind long after the presentation.

It’s like having the 16th President personally visit your organization.

This is the one-man play that has received standing ovations at Ford’s Theatre, the Georgia Dome before 25,000, and aboard the USS Abraham Lincoln.

Griessman is probably the definitive Lincoln.” wrote The Palisadian Post. “Griessman has done for Lincoln what Hal Holbrook has done for Mark Twain.” said Mel Kranzberg, Ph.D. past Editor-in-Chief, Technology and Culture.

“Masterful…unmatched.” was the reaction of Nido R. Qubein, past president, National Speakers Association, who witnessed Griessman’s performance at Ford’s Theatre.

The wisdom, humor, and eloquence of the 16th President is brought to life by Gene Griessman’s stirring interpretation, which vividly portrays critical moments from Lincoln’s life. You will revisit Gettysburg and Ford’s Theatre with Lincoln. You will learn the lessons he learned about leadership, persistence, communication, and personal achievement.

Imagine how fortunate you would feel if you really could have a conversation Abraham Lincoln. Just think what it would be like to hear the 16th President share secrets he learned about leadership, communication, and personal achievement. You now have a once-in-a lifetime opportunity to do just that. Bring your camera for photos of and with one of the greatest leaders of all time.

Gene Griessman’s remarkable performance and uncanny resemblance to Lincoln bring one of the world’s most beloved figures to life. The stately look and resonant voice with its wry humor are exacting. His powerful portrayal of Lincoln’s insights and achievements is eloquent and completely meaningful to all of us. Many who have witnessed this portrayal have stated that they felt Lincoln was actually present.

Time has not diminished the power of Lincoln’s insights on leadership, diversity, self-improvement, will power, and persistence. You will learn unforgettable lessons from one of the great figures of all time. This will be an exciting, fun-filled, poignant performance. Lincoln was not stuffy. He was a wonderful storyteller. You’ll love his jokes, and you may even brush away a tear.

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Legendary Secrets Revealed – Life Lessons Learned From Legends

How would your team members perform if they had a back door access to the insights and secrets of achievement of some of the most celebrated legends who ever walked on this planet?

Well, that’s exactly why Gene Griessman designed this particular program. He  conducted exclusive interviews with the “Who’s Who” of the 20th and 21st century.

He interviewed presidents, movie stars, sports legends, renowned composers, Nobel laureates, business leaders. In addition, Dr. Griessman has done extensive research on some of the greats of history: Benjamin Franklin, John Wesley, the Founding Fathers, and especially Abraham Lincoln.

Dr. Griessman gathered all his research and interviews to reverse engineer the successes of the greats. Then, he synthesized them by throwing away the non-essentials and kept the vital few secrets that can turn ordinary individuals to extraordinary performers.

Because so many of the greats used slightly different approaches to achieve the same results, Dr. Griessman always customizes this presentation to the needs and interests of your organization.

It is true that Dr. Griessman tells secrets—secrets of high achievers that you can apply to your life and career. You will laugh and learn and be moved. And you will discover how and why some individuals become successful, and some do not.

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How To Lead Like Lincoln

“The most fantastic program I have ever experienced on leadership. I was completely engaged every minute of the program. ”
Susan Bixler, CEO of The Professional Image, after attending “Abraham Lincoln, CEO

This program follows the acclaimed one-man presentation “Lincoln Live” that’s been performed at the historic Ford’s Theatre, the Georgia Dome, and the Ice Palace plus numerous conventions, annual meetings, and conferences. Author and actor Gene Griessman, Ph.D. appears in costume as Lincoln.

There’s a break following the portrayal. (The second part of the program can take place later in the day, or even the next day.) During the second part of the program, Dr. Griessman leads a discussion of the common denominators of great leaders and high achievers. Griessman draws on years of studying Lincoln, plus his exclusive one-on-one interviews with some of the best-known leaders of our time, including Ronald Reagan, Ted Turner, Ray Charles, Mary Kay, Sandra Day O’Connor, Aaron Copland, Tennessee Williams, Helen Gurley Brown, Frank Borman, Paul “Bear” Bryant, Hank Aaron, and scores of other leaders from the worlds of business, science, sports, and politics. Griessman—who was on-camera host of “Up Close,” which aired for years on TBS, and has written numerous articles in major publications and books on high achievement—offers insider information about many of the personalities you have read about or seen on television or in the movies.

You will come away from this event with a better understanding of the values, attitudes, and habits that make successful leaders successful.

Keynote or Seminar:

How To Communicate Like Lincoln

By following timeless principles of good communication, Lincoln achieved amazing results, advancing from the lowest ranks of American society to the White House. If a backwoods boy on the frontier can pick up and master these principles, so can you. They can be re-learned in any generation by those who seek to become successful, no matter where they come from or how far they want to go.

In this seminar, Dr. Gene Griessman shows how you can immediately start using the communication secrets that Lincoln used. In addition, you will learn communication tactics that professional speakers, actors, and highly successful sales people use to negotiate, persuade and influence people.

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How Abraham Lincoln And All High Achievers Get More Out Of Every Day

Do you ever feel that your time has fizzled away with little to show for it? That’s a task you thought should have taken one hour actually ate up half your day?

If so, you are not alone! Here’s a new approach to time management that provides you with REAL SOLUTIONS. In this interactive seminar, you will discover how some of the world’s highest achievers deal with situations like these. You’ll learn proven techniques to increase your productivity.

It won’t be long before you will be able to create your own system of setting priorities and keeping them. You’ll start to take do-able incremental steps toward mastering the art of time management.

As a noted authority on Abraham Lincoln, Dr. Griessman has discovered amazingly successful time management concepts that the 16th President used to achieve enormous success. In addition, he has conducted exclusive interviews with U.S. Presidents, famous actors, sports figures, business leaders, and Nobel Laureates. I have learned invaluable time-saving tips first-hand from celebrated high achievers, including Stanley Marcus, Ted Turner, Helen Gurley Brown, Bill Marriott, and many others.

He has taught these concepts in his seminars and keynotes, audio books, and especially in “Time Tactics of Very Successful People,” a best-seller now in its 41st printing.

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Lincoln On How To Do Business With Americans

More and more the world is getting smaller and smaller. Technology has broken down most of the barriers in business. No matter where your company is located on the planet, you can now do business and compete globally.

However, there are some barriers that remain strong in spite of the advance in technology. Those are cultural barriers. Getting to do business with countries far away requires the mastery of cultural differences.

In this presentation, Dr. Gene Griessman appears as Abraham Lincoln to help American companies understand the culture of the people of the United States and how to do business with them. It’s a fun presentation that is loaded with humor, insights, and remarkable takeaways.

Every culture is unique and different. In order to make headway in doing business with a different culture, one needs to understand the fundamental differences between the cultures. As a world-class-traveler, Gene Griessman understand how cultural differences can affect business dealings.

That is why he designed this program to help foreign companies understand the US culture. This is program is designed for companies that are doing business with US companies.